Graduate Testimonials

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Jeff White

When we first met, I told you I had two primary goals: To learn something completely new and to have lots of fun doing it.

The only previous voice experience I had was announcing high school soccer games. I was a monotone guy with a loud voice, but my early reads with you were shy, dull, and lifeless. I knew nothing about the voiceover industry, nothing about voiceover marketing, nothing about recording equipment or software, and nothing about connecting with an audience to tell them a story.

Well, here we are a short time later and you have helped me exceed my two goals and so much more!

You taught me many technical aspects: How to select and purchase home studio to use the equipment and the software to make professional grade recordings…how to significantly reduce the voice noises that drove you crazy in our early practice sessions! Yes, you showed tremendous patience with me on voice noise.

You taught me many business aspects: How to build a website to show off my demos…how to look for jobs…how to market myself…how to network within the business!

NOW FOR THE FUN STUFF: You taught me how to research the background story for each read that I was doing. You taught me how to analyze a script, how to understand my advertiser, how to identify my target audience and how to connect with that audience. You taught me how to quit “reading” and how to start “telling a story”. Most of all, you taught me how to have the confidence to let myself go and to “become” the characters in my stories!

Thanks to you Ron, I feel armed with the knowledge I need to be a successful voiceover artist…Thanks to you, I have learned something new and I’m going to have a ball doing it! I appreciate all that you have done!

John Feather


When I was sent to you by the agency for a demo, I never suspected that three months later, I would be recording spots from my own studio. Your classes gave me the confidence to go out and get it done. You teach with courtesy and patience and the classes were always the bright spot in my week.

The first day, I came to the studio, one of your students told me to do everything you told me to do and I would be successful. That is a piece of advice I would pass on to any prospective student of yours.

Robert Palmer

We've all heard it -- "you've got a great voice, you should do voice overs." Like any profession, there is more to doing a voice over than your "great voice."

I recommend Ron's Voice Over training course for anyone who is serious about becoming a voice over talent positioned for success. Why? Ron's course delivers what he promises -- to "develop your vocal skills while competitively positioning you to jump start a career in voice over."

Ron's extensive knowledge and experience as a voice over talent, copy writer/ editor and voice over producer is certainly important. But, his emphasis on the basics, focus on practical issues, and insistence on excellence, coupled with his artful and persistent coaching and willingness to give me real work opportunities, really made the difference. At the end of the course I created with Ron three, first rate demos -- commercial, eLearning and medical narration. I also now appreciate how the Voice Over business works and how competitive it is.

Thanks to Ron's course, I feel ready to compete and that I will have success.

Tina Shuster

I wanted to take a moment and thank you for a wonderful experience learning the voice over business. I thank God that I ended up training with you. As you know, I started by taking an introduction to the voice over business class through the Pickerington Parks and Recreation. This was enough to make me understand that I did not have to live in New York or some other city where they do a lot of production in order to get into the voice over business. I could record right from my home! Well, I was very excited, and the instructor of the class passed our information along to Such A Voice, who contacted me the next day. Their training sounded good, but it was very expensive and all via Skype. Also, it was an extremely busy time in my life and I decided to wait a few months to start my training with them. When I told their representative this, he kicked into high pressure sales mode, which was quite the turn off. This also told me that this facility was not interested in finding the best match and training for me, but seemed to only want more students no matter what.

Even though I did not begin training at this time, I was determined to begin educating myself in the field of voiceovers. While searching the internet, I came across your Big Voice Productions website and gave you a call. Your demeanor was completely different from that of the previous representative. You were supportive of my desire to start training at a time when I felt I could dedicate myself to becoming the best voice over talent I possibly could. Furthermore, the cost of your training was half the cost of Such A Voice, and included more hours of instruction. Finally, considering I had very little technological skill at the time, having face-to-face training in a studio was the best part of all! So, I started training with you, and that was the best decision I could have made.

You were a wealth of knowledge and skill, and you conducted the training in a way that was comfortable, exciting and productive. You gave me the opportunity to do a few commercials very early on in training, which was so motivating! To hear my voice in a commercial was amazing! You were more than generous with your time, and did what it took to teach me everything I needed to know. And when it came to learning the technological portion of recording, editing and so on, you were patient and kind. That was greatly appreciated!

Now that I am fully trained, I feel that I can handle just about any job that God might bless me with, and I have you to thank for that. You have trained me well. And I truly appreciate it.

Jay Moses


Hi. This is Jay Moses. Big Voice Alum and Ron Allan fan. What can one say about Ron and his course on how to become a world class voice talent? Well . . . one could say, "Ron is the best teacher ever!" Or, one could say "Ron really helps you find your voice in a caring and compassionate way, as the course is not easy." Or, one could say "Don't waste your time with other schools! For the best value in Voice Over Training, Big Voice Productions is the way to go!"

But really, what it comes down to is this: Ron genuinely cares about your success. He is easy to work with and is both professional and relational. That is a combination you will not easily find at other training schools, where typically you are just a student. RON IS NOT ONLY MY MENTOR, HE IS NOW A GENUINE FRIEND. CHEERS!

Danny Betz


I wanted to shoot you a recommendation. I took your voice over class and I have to tell you, I didn't really understand half of what you were going to teach me. I thought that the voice over business was all talent, and knowing somebody who knew somebody. You opened my eyes to a wonderful new world. You invested your time into the talent I had and made it grow exponentially. Ron, I honestly felt you were investing in me as much as I was myself. You just don't see that these days, and it sets you apart in such a wonderful way. Thank you for sharing your God given talent to help me chase my dreams!

God Bless,

Kurt Feldner


Hi, my name is Kurt Feldner,

My entire career has been focused on helping customers over the phone and using my voice has been no stranger to me at all. As a matter of fact, many of my customers have commented on my voice and told me I should be in broadcasting. So when my company recently went through a downsizing, I was faced with the decision of what do I do now? Do I continue in the same field, or do I chart a new course, trying something new and different?

After much thought and consideration, I decided it was time for a change - something radical. My wife had heard the radio commercial for Big Voice Productions and encouraged me to check out the details. After sitting down with Ron Allan and hearing him describe the details of his program . . . I knew it was meant for me.

The last 10 weeks with Ron has been incredible. I came into the program knowing I had a talent, but wasn't sure how to capitalize on it. During my coursework with Big Voice Productions, I learned a number of things about voice techniques, breath control, timing & phrasing, and how to get into the mind of the listener and be convincing in my delivery. In my 10 weeks, I also learned more about the voicing industry - where the jobs are and how to go about getting them. This was definitely information I would have never known, had I never enrolled for this course.

One of the best decisions I ever made was enrolling with Big Voice Productions. Probably two of the greatest things I gained from my experience with Ron Allan was: 1) the realization that I would no longer be a speaker of words, but instead I would now be performer from here on out, and 2) I gained confidence. I came in with questions about my abilities, but here I am. . . .10 weeks later, brimming with confidence. Ron was able to draw things out of me I never thought I could do.

So here I am. . . ..ready to being my new career in voice over work. Perhaps you're looking for a new career, whether it's full time or part time. If you have the slightest interest in whether voice over work might be right for you, I encourage you to contact Ron Allan at Big Voice Productions and set up an appointment with him. If the cost is a stumbling block for you, I'll tell you it was for me as well. None of us wants to part with our money. But you've got to think of it this way...and I know you've heard this saying before. You've got to spend money to make money. Ten weeks later, I'm confident I made the right decision to enroll with Big Voice Productions. I'm now equipped and ready. . . to start one of the most exciting times of my life.

Theresa Lyons

I had heard Ron's commercial on the radio for voice acting lessons, and kept thinking that I should just call to set up an appointment and see what he had to offer.

When we met, there was no pressure, or need to be anything but transparent. He advised me what the course components were, and what to expect. After careful consideration, I started lessons.

By the second lesson I had already seen how I could have not spent thousands of dollars on my broadcasting degree, that taught me JUST how to be in radio (which I was for 10 years), but could have spent hundreds with this course and had a much greater variety of job options.

With the completion of this course, I have better tools, more up to date information, websites, exercises, knowledge, ideas, and many, many open doors!

The personal one on one attention allowed the materials to be more applicable to my needs, and the needs of future clients.

Thank you Ron!

Curt Lamar Jones


Hello my name is Curt Lamar Jones and I am here to recommend Ron BIG VOICE Productions Allan. This guy is great, I mean he taught me how to analyze script, he helped me to understand that there were some communication glitches that I had . . . I thought I was this great speaker . . . master's degree, all these English courses but Ron brought the best out of me. Now, I'm in therapy now because he's a hard core guy . . . but it's helped me, (I'm just kidding), it's helped me out tremendously. I would truly recommend this course to you. You will truly understand what it takes to be a great Voice Actor through Ron Allan's course.

Ray Owens


Just wanted to pay my appreciation for your course. I truly learned a great deal. Not just voice-over techniques. I also picked up a ton of "behind the scenes" / "what goes on" information. Absolutely priceless. Learning the mechanics (tongue twisters, articulation, breathing exercises) is obviously the foundation that a voice-over career has to stand on, but getting to peek behind the walls of how jobs are actually created and awarded . . . well, that's worth the price of admission alone.

Your instruction technique is patient, gentle, and tactful, yet effective and to-the-point. To a student in my situation -- complete noob who didn't a clue -- those characteristics are also priceless! (We're beginning to sound a lot like a MasterCard commercial!) For decades I was told I had "A VOICE." You showed me how to make it work.

As an aside, I appreciate your consideration of scheduling issues during my mom's illness. I'm equally appreciative of your prayers on her behalf.

I'm looking forward to a long mutually rewarding professional relationship together. Thank you for helping me get started on one of my "Bucket List" items: a voice-over career.

Dottie Janson


I have nothing but praise regarding Ron's Voice Acting courses. I found his courses to be very effective in helping me to improve my voice acting skills. I am astounded by the talent he found in me, pushing me to do things that I never expected I could do, such as showing a high level of emotion in my voice. The amount of material covered during the sessions was very thorough and comprehensive. The focus on the voice, interpretation, exercises and related skills was really helpful. Also, I am thrilled with the quality and breadth of ability shown in my new demos. I enjoyed participating in the process of creating the entire final product. Watching Ron wear his 'producer hat' while he provided me direction, added music and special effects to the dry voice was a nice bonus to everything else I learned during the class.

Ian Hayes

Don't know if you remember me but two years ago I attended your Voice Acting workshop, and I just wanted to give you a quick update on what that has done for me. With your help I was able to land the dream job for me, with a company called All For Kidz, that lets me use my voice talents for performances in front of kids all over the world. I still use all the materials that you gave me and it helps make the shows I perform in get great reviews, with many people writing in to say that my voice work is out of this world. I've also managed to land some voice over roles as well when I've had the time to record, which was also a dream come true, and really it's all thanks to you and I wanted you to know that. Hope everything is wonderful in your world and that you have a great fantastic day!

Abbey Dahler

I can't thank you enough for your time, and for all of the priceless education in voice- over I received from you! It was a pleasure learning from you and absorbing all of the experience and creativity you have to offer. It is a great gift to be able to share such a skill set as yours and teach others to find and use theirs to the full capacity. I look forward to working with you in the future and kicking off a rewarding career in voice acting! Best of luck to you as well!! See you around!

Dolores Quinones

In working with Ron I came to understand my weaknesses and how to overcome those weaknesses. He taught me how to unlock my strengths and how to apply my talents. He has shown me how to present those talents in the best possible light in order to continue my quest to enter the voice acting profession and become successful. I feel that I couldn't have selected a better mentor/teacher to help me along. I would also commend Ron for his professionalism in scheduling our session times and to show me an actual "slice" of how voice acting works. He truly understands the need to introduce new talent to this profession. Thank you Ron!



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