Not V.I.P . . . M.I.P.

The philosophy of BIG VOICE Productions

The Most Important Person in your radio commercial isn't you.


The Most Important Person in any radio commercial is the customer. That's who's listening and that's who we talk to. That's who must be motivated. Because that's who you want to shop at your business, so it just makes good sense to target your customer . . . and their heart.

Want a funny commercial? An award-winning commercial?

Or do you want a commercial people will mention at the water cooler?

What you should want is a commercial that matters . . . to the customer.

Because that's what will get your phone to ring or your web site visited.

And it may be funny, or sad, or fearful, educational, informative, urgent, or annoying (to people you don't want to sell to anyway) or all of the above . . . but when it's done it may not even sound like a commercial.

We know . . . what a concept!

The Most Important Person is never ignored in our process of creating your commercials. Think about it. Do you like being ignored?

Relevance + Value.

That's what should be in your radio messages.

That's what matters to your customer.

That's what matters to us.

If you're smart, it matters to you, too.



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