"Thank you for holding . . . your call is important to us."

These or similar words are NEVER used in a BIG VOICE Productions On-Hold Marketing Script . . . unless the customer absolutely insists. WHY?

BIG VOICE Productions believes in giving VALUE on behalf of the Client to each of their customers for EVERY MOMENT they are asked to wait.

Just imagine how long you would be on hold if your call was NOT important to them?

Think about it: A company spends big marketing dollars to get customers to call (external marketing) then, due to call volume, the callers are asked to wait to obtain the information they called about . . . right at the front gate when they may be ready to buy!


A 2ND Chance to make a 1st Impression!

Customer's impressions are formed at the first point of contact. That's your external marketing message(s). But the 2nd point of contact is quite often your telephone system.

With On-Hold Marketing you do have a 2nd chance to make a first impression while firmly positioning the value of your company in the mind of the customer!

The art of communication via a non-broadcast application should not offend, condescend, insult or turn-off a customer or potential customer who has taken their time to respond to a business' external marketing efforts. Rather, at this point, a company should inform, motivate, entertain, educate and give value to each caller for every moment they are waiting!

What is Internal Marketing?

When you're in the grocery store ready to check-out do they stop trying to sell you something? Of course not. They "impulse item" you right out the door. With internal On-Hold Marketing you may be able to appeal to that impulse sense in your customers who have called about one item but may be in the market for more of your products and services (want fries with that?) . . . and you can do it cost-efficiently using a marketing tool you already own . . . your telephone system!



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